1. B

    Militia Entertainment (Detroit Mi)

    How are you doing internet radio? I'm Billy Blanco manager of Militia Entertainment, I'm going post some links of our website, videos and more Our website: LZ youtube channel: Militia Entertainment youtube channel...
  2. D.I. Aspinwall

    Get Professional Radio Imaging (Sweepers/Drops/Promos/Jingles)

    Want to sound like a big commercial radio station? Hire an imaging director who works for one! Hi, I'm DI, and I am the imaging director for multiple commercial radio stations as well as numerous smaller stations! I voice and produce radio imaging, and now, I'm doing it for just $5 bucks a pop...
  3. Peter Flanagan

    Radio Imaging

    Hi All, I am available to produce radio imaging for Adverts, Jingles, Dj Drops and Song Power Intros. I have included a link to some work i've previously done! Feel free to contact me for more information! Peter