1. S

    voluntary DJ'S

    we at urban8 are looking for potential Voluntary DJ'S Who Love There Music And Want To Be Heard, We Play Royalty Free Music "ONLY" We Play A Genre Of Pop, Rock, Trance, Dance, RnB, Electro, Reggae. And Many More Yes We Welcome Both Male And Female DJ'S To Our Station. PRS And PPL Have Told...
  2. B

    Questions on services to run a radio station

    Hi all, This post isn't really related to the website, but hopefully it's ok for me to post this here. To introduce myself, I'm 17 years old and was born blind, so use VoiceOver on my Mac. I've been into radio for a while and so has a friend of mine, who is also blind, and we recently set up a...
  3. Bob Francis

    New Podcast for Internet Station Operators

    Bob Francis here from GreatMusicMemories.Com. I produce and host two classic hit shows, and a podcast for station operators. The podcast is called "Inside Radio Today" and you can hear them at I started doing the podcast to try and learn a...