1. DJ James

    Radio For Sale

    Hello. I am selling my Radio Station. It is complete with its own website, server, website, email account, and PayPal Business account. I have been keeping up the website and the website is fully operational as is the station. About $950 bucks a year to run, but most of that is the license and...
  2. F

    Selling Radio Station!

    Hi! After a few years, my radio station has thrived, but i have lost the ability to keep on jamming. But i promised my listeners i would keep the station alive, so i decided after a while to sell it. I would like you to keep playing music. We can agree on a price. You will be recieveing the...
  3. Hot 21 Radio

    Promote your business to more than 15k listeners on the radio!

    Get your ad played on Hot 21 Radio every 2 hours during 1 month for only 5$! Sellers, promoters, crowdfunders, writers... promote your services on an internet hip-hop and r&b radio station to more than 15k listeners a month. Get more infos here.