1. Womenincharg3

    Server down

    My server is down when I click on start I get this message Stream could not be started: Application liquidsoap exited immediately after startup. Diagnostics Details: Log has not been created, which may indicate a permissions problem or an inability to run the external application. Consult the...
  2. KZK101

    Server error

    Morning We can not access our server or the autodj at all. Nor is any of the data base links working (metatab) or even server info. We are online and streaming, just nobody can access or see anything. Please see the attached Urgent assistance please
  3. Harynda

    Sever Down again !!!

    Sever is down again !!!!
  4. X

    Server with multiple station capabilities

    hello I am trying to find a server we can sign up for that allows us to manage multiple streams. Does anyone have any recommendations?
  5. H

    Cant use web proxy

    web i go to use my web proxy it comes up with error message The page isn’t working didn’t send any data. I also cannot use this in my own player as it says it is down on our shoutcast server status.
  6. More Support

    New Servers added! us3 (Fremont, California) and uk5 (London, England)

    We're pleased to announce we have just added 2 new servers to our network: Another London, UK server making 5 in total. Our first west coast server is based in Fremont (California). We now have 3 US servers (Fremont, Dallas and Newark) to choose...
  7. djultra

    own server

    Hello there I've got my own icecast server on my pc, I'm running winamp and the newest icecast server. Now I've port forwarded I've configured the server I've got the edcast plugin for winamp. Now my problem is I sent a link to one of my friends for a tester of my test player I've got on my...
  8. R

    server down again. Cluster host connection failure for us1: Connection timed out (110)

    Please resolve this issue asap
  9. S

    Upgrade Plan

    Hello, We were unsure what the best plan would be based around the amount of data we use, could you please offer a suggestion. As when I change the stream title in settings to Subtle FM, with a space and capitals it doesn't change in your search. Thanks Hannah
  10. O

    can icecast server help stream from other radio stations?

    Hi, My team has just designed an app that streams other radio channels by listeners IP but I need to know if subscribing to an Icecast server can help our service work. Basically what I mean is that I won't be broadcasting myself but rather people who use my radio app will be able to listen to...