1. D

    We had the Fire. But lost the Flame

    During Covid all buddies from Brooklyn NY got together to zoom.. now all over the country,, we started writing songs and by file sharing each guy put on different instruments.. we now have 12 songs .. we’re all over 65 and having a blast!
  2. K


    Hey All! Hope you are doing fine. This is my new single track Prarthana. I have written this song back in 2010. Please give it a listen and share your feedbacks. Language : Bengali Genre : Rock, Indie Tune and Lyrics : Koustav Sung by : Koustav Guitar : Koustav Bass : Bhaskar Drums : Sumit...
  3. AxelB

    New TRANCE Track

    With You Forever feat LalyB New Trance Track or Thank!
  4. Quite Great

    British alternative rock singer Karmilla delivers hypnotic alternative rock single ‘Leave Me to Me’

    “The instrumentation and arrangements on the album are sophisticated and provide the perfect complement to Camilla's clever lyrics and her sometimes poignant, sometimes powerful vocal delivery.” - Nick Dent Robinson Taken from her brand new album Early Workings of an Open Mind, Karmilla...