steve hart

  1. Harty

    Club music show 80s, 90s and now - The Pleasuredome

    Demo, details, and sign up form for The Pleasuredome here: Cheers. Steve.
  2. Harty

    Cool Nights jazz show returns

    Hi guys, After a 2 month break the Cool Nights jazz show is returning in June. Stations that have taken the show previously have been sent an email to let them know. But if this excellent jazz show is new to you then please hop over to to take a listen to the demo and...
  3. Harty

    Cool Nights gets a make over - 100% jazz

    Hi guys. If you run a station that could feature a jazz show then the new Cool Nights format will fit the bill. The show is ideal for evening and late night listening and features the best mix of new and classic jazz. There's a movie quiz and plenty of scope for listeners to send in dedications...
  4. Harty

    Affordable one-liners and station IDs from Steve Hart

    Hi. If you are looking for that professional sound for your drops and liners, check out my two great deals here. Cheers, Steve
  5. Harty

    Cool Nights - soul, jazz and jazz funk

    Hi. Brand new demo of the Cool Nights show now available. If you run a station and want a good honest show of cool classy music, then I'm your man. Cheers.