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    Centova v3.2.15 updates

    Centova have finally released a new update recently. Here's the summary of changes: https://centova.com/en/news/@article/60a6f44e/centova_cast_v3_2_14_released We're going to start applying these updates today. We don't expect any downtime or disruptions but there may be some minor cosmetic...
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    Critical maintenance to patch the MDS (ZombieLoad) CPU vulnerability

    Essential maintenance is being carried out by our data centre providers and is required on most of our server infrastructure. This maintenance is necessary to patch the MDS (ZombieLoad) CPU vulnerability and will incur some small amount of downtime for our radio servers, control panel and...
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    How do you update your station url?

    I have a station listed and need to update the url fior listening. How would I do this? Thank you so much!