Eargasm Music Radio Group is looking for playlist curators & team members!


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We are looking for playlist curators, audiophiles, internet radio enthusiasts and team members.

Why are we different?

Eargasm Music Radio Group was created out of pure love for high-fidelity music.
We are broadcasting non-stop, carefully selected music in the best quality possible on various radio channels divided into different genres.
Our custom made radio player has a visually appealing look, that is not only pretty, but also ensures uninterrupted listening experience.

Our website (still in alpha stage): https://eargasm.app

In the works...
  • We are planning to introduce a premium membership where listeners will be able to listen to our radios in hi-fi quality for a small monthly fee.
  • Our project will include a music submission program that gives the opportunity to rising star artists to submit their songs and "promote" it to our listeners.
  • Do you like our radio player and wanna use it for your own radio? No problem! We are building currently a system, where you will be able to embed our player to your website and add as many radios as you want for a small monthly fee.

Wanna join? This is what we would need help with:
  • Organize music in playlists on Deezer.
  • Monitor currently available songs on the radios and add more to it.
  • Collaboration with the team.
  • Introduce new ideas to improve the experience.

If you think you have other skills, that would benefit the team, we would be happy to hear about it!
If you have further questions, please write us an email: music@eargasm.app or comment under this post.

Looking forward hearing from you!
Eargasm Team