Auto DJ

All you radio servers come with an Auto DJ server and at least 1 GB of storage. This means you can have your music broadcasting 24/7 without having to stream it yourself.

Auto DJ Features

Web Based File Transfers. Upload your music easily from within your web browser.

FTP Access. Use your favourite ftp client to upload your mp3 music to our servers.

Media Library. Manage your mp3 media with our easy web based drag and drop media library. Browse albums and artists with cover art and live audio preview :

Multiple Playlists Create multiple, weighted general rotation playlists to play your media by popularity. Play tracks in random or ordered sequence :

Playlist Scheduling. Scheduled playlists allow you to schedule a list of tracks to be played at a specific date and time. These playlists can also be setup to repeat on a schedule, making them ideal for daily/weekly countdowns or pre-recorded shows.

Choose a Radio Package:

Pay As You Go Server

10 GB

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  • 320 Kbps
  • 500 Listeners
  • 1 GB Auto DJ

Our Pay As You Go servers have no monthly fee. You buy bandwidth which is used by your listeners. Your bandwidth rolls over between months. Read more...

Small Radio Server


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  • 128 Kbps
  • 20 Listeners
  • 1 GB Auto DJ

Medium Radio Server


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  • 128 Kbps
  • 50 Listeners
  • 2 GB Auto DJ

Large Radio Server


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  • 128 Kbps
  • 100 Listeners
  • 5 GB Auto DJ

Our Small, Medium and Large radio packages all have unlimited bandwidth. These packages are great for stations who broadcast 24/7.

We can also provide custom packages with varying bitrates, listener slots and auto dj storage. If your station doesn't fit into any of the above then please contact us to discuss your requirements.