Embedding Windows Media Player for Shoutcast

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    The html code below allows you to embed a Windows Media Player into your web page. Simply replace the playlist urls (http://shoutcast.internet-radio.org.uk/tunein.php/bluntbeatssc/playlist.asx) with your stations. The player will auto play the radio when someone lands on the page.

    <OBJECT ALIGN="middle" width="500" TYPE="application/x-oleobject" STANDBY="Loading Microsoft Windows Media Player components . . ." CLASSID="CLSID:22d6f312-b0f6-11d0-94ab-0080c74c7e95" CODEBASE="http://activex.microsoft.com/activex/controls/mplayer/en/nsmp2inf.cab#Version=5,1,52,701">
    <PARAM NAME="AudioStream" VALUE="1">
    <PARAM NAME="AutoSize" VALUE="0">
    <PARAM NAME="AutoStart" VALUE="1">
    <PARAM NAME="AnimationAtStart" VALUE="0">
    <PARAM NAME="AllowScan" VALUE="0">
    <PARAM NAME="AllowChangeDisplaySize" VALUE="0">
    <PARAM NAME="AutoRewind" VALUE="0">
    <PARAM NAME="Balance" VALUE="0">
    <PARAM NAME="BaseURL" VALUE="http://shoutcast.internet-radio.org.uk/tunein.php/bluntbeatssc/playlist.asx">
    <PARAM NAME="BufferingTime" VALUE="5">
    <PARAM NAME="CaptioningID" VALUE="0">
    <PARAM NAME="ClickToPlay" VALUE="0">
    <PARAM NAME="CursorType" VALUE="0">
    <PARAM NAME="CurrentPosition" VALUE="0">
    <PARAM NAME="CurrentMarker" VALUE="0">
    <PARAM NAME="DefaultFrame" VALUE="0">
    <PARAM NAME="DisplayBackColor" VALUE="0">
    <PARAM NAME="DisplayForeColor" VALUE="0">
    <PARAM NAME="DisplayMode" VALUE="0">
    <PARAM NAME="DisplaySize" VALUE="4">
    <PARAM NAME="Enabled" VALUE="0">
    <PARAM NAME="EnableContextMenu" VALUE="0">
    <PARAM NAME="EnablePositionControls" VALUE="0">
    <PARAM NAME="EnableFullScreenControls" VALUE="0">
    <PARAM NAME="EnableTracker" VALUE="0">
    <PARAM NAME="Filename" VALUE="http://shoutcast.internet-radio.org.uk/tunein.php/bluntbeatssc/playlist.asx">
    <PARAM NAME="InvokeURLs" VALUE="0">
    <PARAM NAME="Language" VALUE="0">
    <PARAM NAME="Mute" VALUE="0">
    <PARAM NAME="PlayCount" VALUE="1">
    <PARAM NAME="PreviewMode" VALUE="0">
    <PARAM NAME="Rate" VALUE="1">
    <PARAM NAME="SAMIStyle" VALUE="0">
    <PARAM NAME="SAMIFileName" VALUE="0">
    <PARAM NAME="SelectionStart" VALUE="0">
    <PARAM NAME="SelectionEnd" VALUE="0">
    <PARAM NAME="SendOpenStateChangeEvents" VALUE="0">
    <PARAM NAME="SendWarningEvents" VALUE="0">
    <PARAM NAME="SendErrorEvents" VALUE="0">
    <PARAM NAME="SendKeyboardEvents" VALUE="0">
    <PARAM NAME="SendMouseClickEvents" VALUE="0">
    <PARAM NAME="SendMouseMoveEvents" VALUE="0">
    <PARAM NAME="SendPlayStateChangeEvents" VALUE="0">
    <PARAM NAME="ShowCaptioning" VALUE="0">
    <PARAM NAME="ShowControls" VALUE="0">
    <PARAM NAME="ShowAudioControls" VALUE="0">
    <PARAM NAME="ShowDisplay" VALUE="0">
    <PARAM NAME="ShowGotoBar" VALUE="0">
    <PARAM NAME="ShowPositionControls" VALUE="0">
    <PARAM NAME="ShowStatusBar" VALUE="1">
    <PARAM NAME="ShowTracker" VALUE="0">
    <PARAM NAME="TransparentAtStart" VALUE="0">
    <PARAM NAME="VideoBorderWidth" VALUE="0">
    <PARAM NAME="VideoBorderColor" VALUE="0">
    <PARAM NAME="VideoBorder3D" VALUE="0">
    <PARAM NAME="Volume" VALUE="100">
    <PARAM NAME="WindowlessVideo" VALUE="0">
    <EMBED ALIGN="middle" SRC="http://shoutcast.internet-radio.org.uk/tunein.php/bluntbeatssc/playlist.asx" HEIGHT="24" WIDTH="250" AUTOSTART="1" SHOWCONTROLS="1"></EMBED></OBJECT>
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  2. storm

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    Nice one, thanks I think I'll use that 8)
  3. foxradio

    foxradio New Member

    Hi there.

    Great Post.

    I've tried to use your html code in my website (www.fox-webdesign.co.uk/fox-radio.html), but no luck.

    When I publish the code to my site, it will show a buffering bar and it will play my intro file, but it will not play the streaming of the radio, it just keeps saying "ready", also I cannot see nay controls, such as "Play", "Pause", etc, is that right?

    Any help would be appriciated.

    Oh, by the way, I'm using Icecast and I'm broacasting using SAM broadcaster

    Thanks in advance
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  4. I had the same problem untill I looked at the code and realised that it tries to publish media player twice. I found that if you take out all the code between the <object> and the </object> tag it woks just fine.
    You dont seem to need all the <parname> tags.
    The <embed> tag line works great in IE, Chrome and Firefox.

  5. cj111

    cj111 New Member

    hey i got this going the streams playing fine however the play stop and volume button are greyed out can someone tell me how to get them working please thanks and is there anyway gto either get album art or the dancing fire visualazation showing instead of the box just being black??
  6. justvibe

    justvibe New Member

    email me at admin@webtransformations.co.uk and ill give you the windows media player code :)
  7. Naruto25

    Naruto25 New Member

    With winamp I think will be easer

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