Understanding the 'Auto DJ' Bandwidth Usage on 'Pay As You Go' Server Accounts.


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We sometimes get asked if with our Pay As You Go server accounts you have the AutoDJ feature running 24/7 will it use up any of the accounts bandwidth and result in further costs ?

Running the AutoDJ feature itself will not use up any bandwidth at all. An accounts bandwidth will only get used up if it has listeners connected to the stream during this time, just the same as if the account was running a live stream instead. If no listeners are connected to the AutoDJ stream, then the bandwidth is not being used and therefore you will have no extra costs.

The amount of bandwidth used for this also depends on how many listeners are connected to the AutoDJ stream, what bitrate the server is streaming at and also how long the listeners stay connected for.

Some more information on understanding the 'Pay As You Go' prices can be found here. You can also work out how much your bandwidth fees will be with our bandwidth calculator.
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