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Hello friends,
Haggardhound here,
First post on this site, so i hope it is useful.
I recently was listed on the Nokia Internet Radio broadcast directory and I have noticed a serious increase in listeners.
I like the Nokia listing because it appears in Nokia N-series and E-series devices in the nokia internet radio application that comes pre-installed in those devices.
It gives me access to millions of tech savvy mobile listeners worldwide and I recieve hundreds of new listeners regularly, as well as website visitors.
Even if you just started broadcasting yesterday this site will give u decent amount of listeners.
If you have a Nokia (symbian s60 9.1) device you can also install the application.
Heres the links,
To broadcast with them-

and heres a link to the app-

This app is what got me motivated to broadcast in the first place and i recommend it if you have a Nokia.
and if u have the app check me out on it
search KDIX an u shud find haggardhound, our flagship station, and herb1 our vibes jazz and reggae station


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Thanks Haggardhound

I would be interested to hear if any of our other uses have seen and increase in listeners after using the service ? Anyone want to give it a go and report back ?
We are listed on the Nokia directory yes - can't say it made much of a difference though - even though the Nokia control panel said we had xxx number of listeners...
Hmmm... i dont really know what could be wrong
i have my port at 14000 and herb1 station is on 16000

On my kdix haggardhound i have about 80 listeners average coming from my nokia listing but my station is listed in the less populated genres due to the stations unique nature.
Herb1 station is jazz and reggae and it gets 20 or so listeners daily from nokia listing

im a nokia fan so i was happy to be on their directory and was even happier that its been helpful for me


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Dave : I just submitted a station with 5 digits in the port and it accepted it ok. I wonder if its worth an email to the people who run the site to see what can be done ?


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Sure, i just thought the same thing. Let us know what info you would like entered and we will have a try from here. :)
We are listed on the Nokia directory yes - can't say it made much of a difference though - even though the Nokia control panel said we had xxx number of listeners...
Sam here, we're listen on the nokia streams and it tells us we have had many listeners but can't see this on sam or the live stats, strange..

On anther note what would nokia listeners show up as on IR control panel live stats? Like what player?

Juan @MaxDance


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Im not 100% sure but i think they may come under the user agent NSPlayer but so do a lot of other players. Its tough to tell.
Stream Dir

Hi Discodave,

I have a five digit port and worked fine out of interest what are you using for ip ?
I used
Maybe if you using it might show an error ?

Saying that if your host was incorrect im sure it would tell you.



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Its really strange, ive tried the ip and hostname but neither would let the listing through. I even emailed the owner but never got a reply. :eek:

im adding my info to this site aswell im assuming where it says streaming info you enter this my stream address am i correct because they have declined my station on 4 attempts now if this is the wrong info i,d appreciate a correction as to where im going wrong if not ill mail them and find out what the problem is ???