How do I change my radio server plan ?

Discussion in 'FAQ' started by Support, Nov 13, 2011.

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    Here are some examples as to why you might want to change your server plan with us:
    • You have a server that is on our 'Pay As You Go' plan and you have decided to move to a 'Pay Monthly' subscription plan instead because you stream 24 /7 and know what sort of listeners to expect each month and therefore require more bandwidth for your account each month.
    • Your current 'Pay Monthly' plans bandwidth allowance is not lasting you the entire month and you might wish to increase your monthly allowance to cater for an increase in your listeners and bandwidth usage.
    So, in order to change your radio package you can now do this yourself directly from within your servers control panel.

    In your servers control panel you have an 'Update Plan' button. In this section you can upgrade your server to a new billing / payment plan.


    You can upgrade a 'Pay As You Go' account to one of our 'Pay Monthly' plans, or instead upgrade / downgrade your 'Pay Monthly' plan to one of our other monthly bandwidth packages.

    If you have any questions at all regarding this, then please contact us here.
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  2. Roberto Rivera

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    We selected the 500 GB Plan w/ 1,000 Listeners for the first month to "test the waters". We are on our way to use over 630GB.

    Here's my question, if I upgrade to the 1,000 GB Plan w/ 1,000 Listeners will I be charged the difference from $25 to $45 to upgrade the data transfer cap for the remaining of the period? Or will a new $45 charge be processed on my card (already on file)?
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    Hi Robert,

    There would be a partial months charge for the upgrade on your next bill and then it will be just $45 per month moving forwards after that.

    Hope this helps.
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  4. Roberto Rivera

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    Thank, you it does. How do we proceed? Do I just go to the "Update My Plan", or if you guys do it, how do I let you know?
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    No problem :)

    You can upgrade this yourself in your control panel using the "Upgrade Plan" button. Thank you.

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