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What does TLH mean?

TLH stands for Total Listening Hours. It is a metric for measuring the amount of time spent listening to a radio station and is often used by music licensing authorities for royalties reporting. Its also a good metric for working out how popular a station is by giving the total amount of time over a designated period that your station was listened to.

So for example, a TLH of 150 hours could be achieved by 15 listeners tuning in for 10 hours each, 150 listeners tuning in for 1 hour each, 1 listener tuning in for 150 hours, 30 listeners tuning in for 5 hours each and so on.

How is the TLH calculated?

The TLH is calculated using the following equation:

(Number of listeners x Listener minutes) ÷ Minutes in an hour = Total Listening Hours

So for example, if you had 27 listeners tuning in for 17 minutes each this would be calculated as:

(27 x 17) ÷ 60 = 7.65 (Total Listening Hours)

How do I find my TLH reports?

In the Centova Cast control panel, you just need to go to the 'Reports' section from the side navigation bar.


Next, you will need to change the reporting period to 'Custom' to specify any required dates. So for example 'Feb 21st 2015 to March 23rd 2015'.


Next, navigate to the 'Historical' tab.


Under this tab you will notice various graphs. You will want the 'Listener Minutes' graph in this case. Next to this graph the reporting period dates are displayed. Below this is the "Total Minutes" which provide the total number of listener minutes during the specified reporting period. Also provided is the hourly and 24 hour average of listener minutes.


In the above screenshot example, we can see that the 'Total Minutes' on this account for 'Feb 21st 2015 to March 23rd 2015' equates to 3,708,812. So to calculate this examples TLH for this period, we just divide the 'Total Minutes' by 60 (minutes per hour) to get the Total Listening Hours.

3,708,812 ÷ 60 = 61,813.56 (TLH)

A spreadsheet can also be downloaded with the 'Download' button which breaks down the listener minutes by the hour and gives each minute of listener time for that hour. To calculate the TLH for each hour just divide this by 60 (minutes per hour) again and will you get the TLH number.



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Could you tell me more about my TLH please 2196.83

Is 2196.83 your total minutes for a specific period? Or is this the figure after you have divided your total minutes by 60 as per the equation above? If so, then that is your TLH. What other information are you after about it?


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This is the total since started the station to present, I wanted a breakdown of it like what's mentioned above hows it calculated if you could Thank you


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Ok, well as per the equation used in the original post just take that figure and divide it by 60 (as in the minutes per hour) to get the Total Listening Hours for your station since it started.

So, 2196.83 ÷ 60 = 36.61.

So 36.61 is your total listening hours since your station started. It's as simple as that.


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This is very cool, I had no idea we could see our total listening hours. I just checked and mine is 5526.76 so that's 230 days worth of listening lol.


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This is very cool, I had no idea we could see our total listening hours. I just checked and mine is 5526.76 so that's 230 days worth of listening lol.

We are pleased to hear that you found this helpful.

Arber Sulejmani

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Hi team,

I would like you to help me understand the prices, approximately. I tried the calculator option in your page, with approx. 500 listeners for one month at 128 kbps, and I got a total of 19775.39 bandwidth, as can be seen below.

128 kbps with 500 listeners for 1 Month (2592000 seconds) uses 19775.39 GB(20250000.00 MB) of bandwidth.
The total TLH (total listening hours) for this period is 720 hours.

2 questions:

1. 500 listeners, for one month, is that 500 a day for one month, or are listeners counted as double from day to day? e.g. if I join the stream today, and I join the stream tomorrow as well, am I counted as 1 listener a month, or two listeners a month?

2. Can you please give me the price for the calculated bandwidth above?

Write to me privately if you wish, because I also have another important question to ask -

Looking forward to your reply :)