Shoutcast Flash Player (January 2017 Update)

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    (January 2017 Update) Unfortunately Minicaster Shoutcast Flash Player is now no longer available.

    We now recommend that you download and install the free and open source jPlayer instead.

    jPlayer supports the following platforms and browsers:
    • Windows: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera
    • Windows (legacy): IE6, IE7, IE8, IE9, IE10, IE11
    • OSX: Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Opera
    • iOS: Mobile Safari: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch
    • Android: Android 2.3 Browser
    • Blackberry: OS 7 Phone Browser, PlayBook Browser
    It supports the following media types:
    • HTML5: mp3, mp4 (AAC/H.264), ogg (Vorbis/Theora), webm (Vorbis/VP8), wav
    • Flash: mp3, mp4 (AAC/H.264), rtmp, flv
    jPlayer can be downloaded here.

    A 'Quick Start Guide' is available on their website here.
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  2. darzo78

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    Shoutcast player

    Thanks!! :D
  3. cicos

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    very good work

    Thanks :party:
  4. foxradio

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    This site has loads of information and useful ones.

    Now, I have tried the above, step-by-step, many times, but it did not work for me.

    At the moment on my site I have a window that shows the start page of my web radio, (

    I wanted to remove that window so that I have more space to configure my site the way I want to, but after trying the instructions from this thread, I get the FMP minicaster on my site, but I can;t press the Play button, it is as if the button us frozen.

    I'm quite sure is one of my configurations, but me being a true newbie to this webradio stuff, would not know where to start in order to fix the problem.

    So I'm here requesting the help of you guys.

    Thank you very much in advance.
  5. imcmedia

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    I have tried it and it's running well.
    I can open it with Safari Browser and running smooth, but when I open with IE, the problem is every 1 minute, the streaming cut for 1 second.

    Any advise?
  6. Stefanseiner

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    Thank you for this description.

    But two things I'd like to change:

    - is it possible to include the "now playing" title in the player?
    - how can I change the code so that the Server IP won't scroll into the player?

    If the title would scroll instead of the server IP it would be perfect.
  7. Mystic Politics

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    Custom flash player for shoutcast stream


    This forum seems the closet ill get to answering my question.

    I have a shoutcast stream through a 3rd party streaming company, jb stream.

    I am unhappy with my current player ( it seems to crash peoples browsers).

    I found a player which i would like to emulate, and they use the same company to stream as i do, so i know this can be done! :)

    Here you can find my current player: Mystic Politics | Mystic Politics Radio
    Here is my stream: :: Shoutcast Control Panel

    Here is the player popup url id like to mimic/copy/steal : Listen Live to AMO 24/7! | Atlas Media Online

    here is the code:
    <!-- SWFObject embed by Geoff Stearns -->
    <script type="text/javascript" src="[URL=""]players/swfobject.js[/URL]"></script>
    <body onload="ajax_update();">
    <embed type="application/x-shockwave-flash" src="[URL=""]players/mediaplayer.swf[/URL]" style="" id="amo247" name="amo247" quality="high" flashvars="type=mp3&amp;file=;stream.nsv&amp;backcolor=0xc9e0fa&amp;autostart=true" height="0" width="0"></div>
        <script type="text/javascript">
            var so = new SWFObject('players/mediaplayer.swf', 'amo247', '0', '0', '7');
            so.addVariable('type', 'mp3');
            so.addVariable('file', ';stream.nsv');
            so.addVariable('autostart', 'true');
    <div id="header"><span></div>
    <div id="body-inner">
    <h2>Now on AMO 24/7...</h2> 
    <center><span="" id="cc_stream_info_song">Loading...</span></center>
    <script language="javascript" type="text/javascript" src="[URL=""][/URL]"></script>
    <script language="javascript" type="text/javascript" src="[URL=""][/URL]"></script>
    <br/><center><a href="javascript:this.location.reload();">Reload Player</a></center>
    basically this loads a stream in a popup window, EXACTLY as i wish to do, and they use sam broadcaster and jbstream, exactly as i do.

    Can anyone tell me how to load up the stream in a swf file like they have?

    Thanks a bunch! :rock:
  8. Will_RadioTuna

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    We've just launched a new site that uses a Flash player to play Shoutcast streams. It includes track playing information as well as cover art.

    We're going to be releasing embeddable versions of the player over the coming weeks, follow us on twitter (@radiotuna) or keep an eye on the site ( for release updates.


  9. leequalls

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    Is there any way I could get a copy of the fla file I would like to make some changes
  10. albatroz

    albatroz New Member

    I successfully managed to install minicaster on this URL

    however I was wondering how will it increase the bandwidth consumption of the website hosting account.
  11. New Member

    Hi all,

    We are working on a cross browser player (not requiring flash or any external media players like windows media player or realplayer), HTML5 is one of the areas were looking at however this is not fond of Internet Explorer, so development continues..

    Reason for this, Apple is one of the key players in not allowing flash to be used on their devices, this cuts a big audience out and plus many devices these days are touch screen, flash struggles to cope with this and that is another reason to start to look at non-flash alternatives.

    Goes for websites too, we're working on our new website that will be ready for mobile devices and touchscreen capable, tis the way forward, tis the future ;)

  12. TongueFlap

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    I have set up the flash file and everything works fune, but, for some reason it is saying Angel Radio. Anyone know why?
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  14. Will_RadioTuna

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    Hi, Will from Radio Tuna here... We've launched an embeddable Flash radio widget that you can skin to fit any color scheme - check it out here.

    The first release is intended for 'general' users, so it has 3 genre presets and doesn't link to specific stations. The next release will be for radio stations to use, so it will be hard-wirable to fixed streams and not genre-based. If you're interested, get in touch via the main site contact form.

  15. Roomster720

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  16. Support

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    Your server is full. Perhaps that is the problem ?
  17. New Member

  18. Will_RadioTuna

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    We've just launched a new flash radio widget for radio stations to use.

    It has the following features:

    • Colors, size and player title are all customizable, so it can match almost any color scheme required.
    • Real-time 'Now Playing' information, including cover art.
    • Multiple bit rates supported, and shown automatically.
    • No coding required, just cut'n'paste the html we generate for you.

    And it's free!

    If you want one for your station, head here to create one:

    Online Radio Player Designer | RadioTuna

    Any questions or comments, let me know.

  19. qmcintosh

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    Multi Channel

    Hello is there any way to have a multi channel player that will play several genres. Please help
  20. vinsent604

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