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xxx - - - - - - xxx 96kbps The Video Games Music Channel

NAM-1975 - Yoko Osaka - Street Battle (Area 2) -- Neo Geo CD
Genres: video game music

Retro PC GAME Streaming Radio for Gyusyabu

(SE) Akumajo Dracura for X68k [MIDI SC-55] Vampire KillerCreatures In The Depth (C)1993 Konami
Genres: game - Scores of Music from Movies, Game, TV & Anime w/Chat & Automated Requests

Ramin Djawadi - Westworld: Season 1 - Bicameral Mind (4:25)
Genres: soundtracks score video game

GBR gamebytesradio | LIVE Video Game Music

Mazedude - Jazz Jackrabbit 2 Jackrabbit Transformer OC ReMix -
Genres: video game music

The Spinning Stream: Nintendo Music Radio

Hirokazu Ando - sugoi
Genres: game

The SID Station

Martin Galway - Wizball subtune4
Genres: video game music

Not GamingFM

Viewtiful Joe 2: Mystery of the Black Film - PlayStation 2 - Thunder Boy Lives Twice (The Oriental Movie Land Theme) (3:41)
Genres: video game

Game-Streams - Video Game Music Radio

HALO 2 original soundtrack volume one - 3rd Movement of the Odyssey
Genres: game Video Game Stream!

Hylian Lemon - Dead or Alive (Hylian Lemon)

Genres: video game music


Best of Nintendo NES. Vol. 2 - Kid Icarus - Last Stage Boss
Genres: video game music

Nerd Vision Radio

Nobuo Uematsu - Ami

Genres: anime game gaming japanese j


16 Volt - Low
Genres: game

Otterlandia Radio

Dj Gregson - Mabra-Cursed Destiny (Dj Gregson RMX 2007)

Genres: game

Radio Whirlwind

Radio Whirlwind
Hirokazu Ando - Pop Land Stage
Genres: game

[MVM] Radio

Street Cleaner - One Night In Neo Kobe City
Genres: video game music

Sem Igual Rádio
Genres: game

ReBIT Radio - La radio senza tempo


Genres: game soundtrack

# Stream1

Desconhecido - Pangya Teaser
Genres: video game music

Gaming World United Radio

Kinya Sawaguchi, Jason Miller - GUILTY GEAR XX in N.Y VOCAL EDITION - Suck A Sage Chipp's Theme
Genres: video game music

Voice of Geeks Network -

Vib Ribbon - Laughs and Beats
Genres: game

About Game Music

Video game music refers to the soundtrack or background music from computer games. In its early days the music was restricted by old technological constraints to low bitrate sounds and the use of simple monophonic melodies. Video game music has since developed hugely in more recent years to the same complexity and quality standard as to be expected from television or movie soundtracks.

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