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John Williams - Star Wars: Episode VI - Return Of The Jedi - Luke And Leia (4:45)
Genres: soundtracks score video game

Retro PC GAME Streaming Radio for Gyusyabu

F-1ƒXƒsƒŠƒbƒg for MSX [SCC] 05. Random Approach [Rally BGM] (C)1987 KONAMI
Genres: game

xxx - - - - - - xxx 96kbps The Video Games Music Channel

Rockman 2 - Airman ga Taosenai (I can`t defeat Airman, SOUND HOLIC version) -- Famicom
Genres: video game music

The Spinning Stream: Nintendo Music Radio

Sand Storm - Gradius III RST - Muraoka/Uehara/Ueko/Morimoto
Genres: game

Not GamingFM

RalliSport Challenge 2 - XBox - Please Sir (3:44)
Genres: video game

GBR gamebytesradio | LIVE Video Game Music

Ante - Prelude - Final Fantasy Remix
Genres: video game music

Voice of Geeks Network -

Mai Yamane - Cowboy Bepop OST 3 - Blue
Genres: game Video Game Stream!

Dracula X - Vampire Hunter

Genres: video game music

999.9 Damage Radio

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance OST - Battle of Hope (Orchestra)

Genres: game Radio

Yoko Shimomura - Hikari [7qt]
Genres: game

Angela Aki - BLUE - factory

Genres: anime jpop game

The Purple Dragon Gem Radio

Stewart Copeland - Credits

Genres: video game music

Thunder Bluff Radio

VGRT Gaming Podcast - Episode 381: Nudity Next Time
Genres: video game music

Galaxy News Radio

Rhythm For You
Genres: video game music

The Outerhaven Radio - VGM

Xenoblade Original Soundtrack - Unfinished Battle

Genres: video game music

No Alvo da Net
Genres: game

GamersON AutoDJ

Diablo - Tristan Village - Classical Guitar.mp3

Genres: game soundtracks

About Game Music

Video game music refers to the soundtrack or background music from computer games. In its early days the music was restricted by old technological constraints to low bitrate sounds and the use of simple monophonic melodies. Video game music has since developed hugely in more recent years to the same complexity and quality standard as to be expected from television or movie soundtracks.

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