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We have 16 radio stations playing Game. - Scores of Music from Movies, Game, TV & Anime w/Chat & Automated Requests

Christopher Franke - Tenchi: The Movie - The Battle Against Kain (4:38)
Genres: soundtracks score video game

xxx - - - - - - xxx 96kbps The Video Games Music Channel

Earth Defense Force - Stage 6 - Armed satellite -- SFC
Genres: video game music

The Spinning Stream: Nintendo Music Radio

Mana Shrine - Sword of Mana Premium Soundtrack - Kenji Ito
Genres: game

Retro PC GAME Streaming Radio for Gyusyabu

[TA ÇÁViI VOL.1 for X1turbo 03. ÉÌ a@[ð (C)1988 falcom
Genres: game Radio

Lion King - Under The Stars [7uc]
Genres: game

GBR gamebytesradio | LIVE Video Game Music

Takenobu Mitsuyoshi, Yuzo Koshiro, Takeshi Yanagawa, Osamu Murata, Ryuji Iuchi, Kuming - Liquor - Sh
Genres: video game music


Chillstep Temporal - No Story (Ft. Veela)

Genres: anime jpop game Video Game Stream!

Konami Kukeiha Club - March of the Holy Man (Richters Ending BGM)

Genres: video game music

Galaxy News Radio

Rhythm For You
Genres: video game music

999.9 Damage Radio

Kingyo Miyamoto - Hunter Chance (FINAL FANTASY IX) Music Game Menu BGM

Genres: game


Best of Nintendo NES. Vol. 2 - Mega Man - Elec Man
Genres: video game music

The Outerhaven Radio - VGM

The Black Mages III Darkness and Starlight - Distant Worlds

Genres: video game music

Thunder Bluff Radio

2015-08-06 - Ep. 209 - Cool Guy Club
Genres: video game music

Radical Gadget Radio

Sonic Battle - Library [yZi]
Genres: video game

New Stream Soon- THIS ONE WILL CLOSE!!
Genres: game

Not GamingFM

Ace Attorney - Gameboy Advance - Examination (Allegro) (2:07)
Genres: video game

About Game Music

Video game music refers to the soundtrack or background music from computer games. In its early days the music was restricted by old technological constraints to low bitrate sounds and the use of simple monophonic melodies. Video game music has since developed hugely in more recent years to the same complexity and quality standard as to be expected from television or movie soundtracks.

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