1. Toby Gribben

    I will interview YOU on my radio show!

    I will do an in-depth interview with you on my weekly radio show on, which attracts 200,000 every week, to help promote your product or service. The interview can be carried out either LIVE or pre-recorded at a time that suits you and via Skype, Zoom or any other service which...
  2. ChrisJones

    Making Money with my Station

    Is there an FAQ or article that goes over the legalities of making money with my radio station? How does it work? I can sell ads for station - and schedule campaigns. I use Streamlicensing for royalty payment, and every month they want a revenue report. Is this better a question for them? One...
  3. S

    Social Media Advertiser Wanted!

    We're looking for volunteers to work for us To Advertise our station on a daily basis on Social Media, Forums, Messanger, The works. Please email for more info
  4. Brian

    Stations looking to be listed on a new Radio Directory.

    Hello, my name is Brian Becker. I am an app developer/radio enthusiast. Put the two together and well ideas come like every second. I am working on a new project and need one thing, radio stations looking to have a free ad. I am creating a media company where I will list you on my new radio...
  5. ASMRradio

    Any meditation, relaxing stations want some mutual advertising?

    Hey, everyone! My names Matthew and I'm currently launching ASMR Radio ( A station that is focused on ASMR audio with meditation/relaxation tracks. (Google ASMR if you are unsure.) I'm launching an iOS app when the station goes live and there are spots within the app for...
  6. Olivier

    Looking for radio stations to test our monetization services

    Hi, We're introducing a new monetization platform for webradios : How it works: We insert pre-roll and mid-roll audio advertising in your stream (no graphic or video ads). Radios are paid on a cost per thousand impressions (CPM) basis. What we're looking for: New...
  7. Hot 21 Radio

    Promote your business to more than 15k listeners on the radio!

    Get your ad played on Hot 21 Radio every 2 hours during 1 month for only 5$! Sellers, promoters, crowdfunders, writers... promote your services on an internet hip-hop and r&b radio station to more than 15k listeners a month. Get more infos here.