auto dj

  1. Rebecca Pickles

    Auto DJ keeps butting in on live shows and live stream sounds like a fast casette tape

    Hi there, I have a problem. When Presenters are doing live shows, the Auto DJ keeps butting in and disrupting the live shows. Also, the live stream sounds like a fast casette tape. Does anyone else have this problem? I don't know whether the error is with Shoutcast or with the company we go...
  2. charliemason

    Auto DJ and scheduled programs

    I understand that when auto DJ is running, a scheduled program will start after the auto DJ track finishes. My question is if I turn off auto DJ when a scheduled program is supposed to start, will that allow the scheduled program to force start on time?
  3. E

    auto dj interrupting schedule

    when I have a scheduled playlist set to play in sequential order, an additional song from the auto dj playlist interrupts the order before the rest of the schedule playlist finishes. Any advice?
  4. vendetta

    Upgrading Disk Space For Auto DJ

    Hi, we have the 500GB Bandwidth plan, which is enough for us. However, we would love to upgrade our diskspace for our AutoDJ since we use it extensively. Please let me know if that is possible and where we can upgrade that. Thank you! Sincerely, -V
  5. A

    AdMaster - the ad breaks scheduler

    Hello, My name is Igor, I'm one of developers of radio ads scheduling software named AdMaster. I was wondering if anyone of you guys has been using our software along with Auto DJ. Last year, from a user feedback, we've found out that an online station has been able to pair AdMaster with...