1. S

    Superstition Radio Dj Schedule

    Dj Buttercup Monday - Alternative Rock/Metal - 8-10 am MST Tuesday - Christian - 8-10 am MST Wednesday - Country - 8-10 am MST Thursday - Throwback (Classic Rock, Blues, etc.) anything - 8-10 am MST Friday - Pop/R&B - 8-10 am MST Dj Fort Monday - Fridays 1am-4am MST Random Music Dj Boy VI...
  2. J

    I'm dreaming of 5 new DJ

    Innervision FM is dreaming of 5 new DJ's, not like the ones we had before, we need a good voice and happy, full of ideals and a on time DJ, who is drug free all the time. We are dreaming of a great DJ that has 2 to 3 hours free a week! Are you our Christmas wish, listen to what we play and get...
  3. J

    Innervision FM is a Christian base station

    with a twist we play songs by secular artist with Christian theams. We mix rock and hip/hope with a little old school. We are licents and we teach un-sign artists royalties through our nonprofit. Listen and join us:
  4. pastordre

    GiveAway of 15 DJ Drops

    Hello to all the DJ's out there. I would like to give away 15 professionally mixed Holy Ghost DJ Drops. With sayings like - Who's that on the ones and two - Yo DJ turn the track up - You are listening to dj - preach preacha - Holy Ghost DJ All you have to do is reply to this message and it...
  5. pastordre

    I produce DJ Drops

    If anyone needs dj drops for your shows or stations let me know I would love to help you out.
  6. pastordre

    Royalty Free Christian Music

    Hello everyone, I am launching an online radio station and I wanted to know if anybody knows where I can get some royalty free Christian music that you don't need a license to broadcast. Preferably in the genre of HipHop and R&B Thank you
  7. pastordre

    Christian Radio Show

    Hello everybody, I just signed up to the forum and wanted to see if anyone knows of any good Christian Radio stations I can tune into?
  8. R

    Christian music/Jazz available to stations

    I just joined the site. I'm an independent producer. I have some songs in the praise/worship style for Christian stations, and acoustic jazz that could play on any station looking for instrumentals. By the end of February a gospel bluegrass album will be available for stations of that genre. If...