1. J

    British/American Voice Over

    Hello Everyone If you happen to drop by this forum I appreciate it, and won't take up much of your time I do deep and gritty voice overs, you can check it out a sample below I do host some of my services on Fiverr, check it out if you're interested!
  2. Marvin Reyes

    Absolute Trance Vol. 1 2019 On The Beach [Hour 2], AT#084

    Absolute Trance Vol. 1 2019 On The Beach [Hour 2], AT#084 Enjoy a new episode of ‘Absolute Trance’ AT#084 IG: marvinreyesmusic MixCloud: SoundCloud: iTunes: Podbean: Tempo Radio, Trance World...
  3. P

    Royal Radio (98,6 FM)

    Royal-modern entertainment and music radio station, leading its broadcast from St. Petersburg (98,6 FM). This radio station-a great way to cheer up even in the most cloudy and bad day. After all, the air is always positive and charged with the best energy dance tracks. Where would be the...
  4. R

    Underground House/Techno DJ looking for station (House/Techno/Progressive - Deep/Melodic )

    DJing for 25+ yrs, retired but still digging for new tunes weekly. I played for a few stations up until the last one I was affiliated with closed-up shop. Tried the podcast route for a bit but I do miss having a schedule and playing live. Now looking for a new place to start up a show. My...