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    I'm dreaming of 5 new DJ

    Innervision FM is dreaming of 5 new DJ's, not like the ones we had before, we need a good voice and happy, full of ideals and a on time DJ, who is drug free all the time. We are dreaming of a great DJ that has 2 to 3 hours free a week! Are you our Christmas wish, listen to what we play and get...
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    Deejay Radio Availability

    Hello, I am looking to present shows for any online radio stations looking for a DJ to join their team. I have presented ahows on the following online radio stationa sweetbeatz (no longer broadcasting), Listentothisfm & Kapitalfm (no longer broadcasting). I am quite a versatile DJ in terms of...
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    Innervision FM is a Christian base station

    with a twist we play songs by secular artist with Christian theams. We mix rock and hip/hope with a little old school. We are licents and we teach un-sign artists royalties through our nonprofit. Listen and join us: http://streaming.live365.com/a71288 www.innervisionrecords.org