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    Looking For A HOT AC | POP Format Station to do some LIVE Shows On.

    Regarding Pass Work: Hello my name is Darcy. I Come from a commercial radio background over in Australia [HIT NETWORK OWNED BY SCA] I am looking for some non-paid volunteer work to do on an internet radio station. I Have my own copy of a playout system if needed [RCS Zetta] Or/And I'm happy to...
  2. Admin @ Mix365

    Streaming weekly DJ shows

    Now live on Mix365 is DJ Acet with DJ Johno live from 19:00. We have a chat room waiting for you to come say hi. Simply pop into: we would love to see you ! You can of course stream us using alexa, or from the weblink:
  3. Admin @ Mix365

    Simmy live at 20:30 for the very first live video stream!

    Simmy live at 20:30 for the very first live video stream! on Mix365 Radio. Please come and give you support ! Mix365 Live Video Stream
  4. Lucky 7 HD Radio

    Want to broadcast my show LIVE?

    I run a weekly show 7pm to 12am (Midnight) EST Monday to Friday, 5 solid hours of Top 40 Top Hits and Throwbacks, Your Requests, Shout Outs, and Dedications, you can Call and or Text in to the studio! I am in the USA, also, we are in the process of updating the website a tad bit yet, but I am...