Looking For A HOT AC | POP Format Station to do some LIVE Shows On.


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Regarding Pass Work:
Hello my name is Darcy. I Come from a commercial radio background over in Australia [HIT NETWORK OWNED BY SCA]
I am looking for some non-paid volunteer work to do on an internet radio station. I Have my own copy of a playout system if needed [RCS Zetta] Or/And I'm happy to learn a new software.

I Don't Really have a prefance of where the station location is. I Am in AEST Time-zone

I broadcast 100% Live. No Pre-Recorded shows.
Can make the same time of show 99% Of Times.

The music i play is a HOT AC POP Format.
e.g: Shivers, Bad Habits, Dirty Talk, Following The Sun, Cold Heart And More Songs Along Those Lines.

I Can host LIVE Metadata to your station aswell.

Airchecks. To See What You get.
--> https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Q1eoqE9rUAiUamnB4c2P88CsDjuQeQY7?usp=sharing

Feel Free To Send Me A Email. If interested In me.

, Darcy Roulston.


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Hi Darcy, I may have a slot for you. Radio Stylus is 100% live, no pre-recorded shows at all. We also have a fun and friendly chat room so you can interact with listeners. We are based in the UK, but already have one presenter from Australia, who we are adapting for at the minute, as time zones change and he is having to take up a new time slot. So we are adaptable too. If interested, email me at radiostylus2021@outlook.com