looking for staff

  1. MarkF

    Looking to join a Radio station

    I am a hospital radio volunteer I use Sam Broadcaster I have a selection of shows on soundcloud
  2. DJ Will

    Gravity are still looking for DJs!

    Hello! Welcome to Gravity Radio! I'm Will, one of the administrators here. We are currently looking for DJs from around the world! Our Discord server: https://discord.gg/qPv4SRf Our website: https://gravityradio.pw We don't expect much from you, all we need is you to have a relatively good...
  3. Ratnest Media Group

    Ratnest Radio is currently looking for presenters!

    Don't let our name fool you, the rat in this context is the animal :) Ratnest is an upcoming interned radio station specializing in popular modern music, electronica, indie/alternative, hip-hop, rock and whatever that could be considered music, really. Our goal is to build an online community...
  4. S

    manager desperado needed

    urban8radio would like a second person to volunteer on our station as a manager as we need someone who will help kick our staff up the jacksi so to speak so if you want the manager job please comment the manager job is to help the station get off its feet grab loads more staff in help with...
  5. Jacob Flax

    Looking for Staff for Radio Bison Kansas

    Looking for Staff for Radio Bison Kansas. Radio Bison Kansas had been in a test lineup for about the past month. Now with all of the testing complete and the lineup that is on the stream starts on Sunday, March 26, 2017, Radio Bison Kansas needs some staff to run this station up and running 24...