Don't let our name fool you, the rat in this context is the animal :)

Ratnest is an upcoming interned radio station specializing in popular modern music, electronica, indie/alternative, hip-hop, rock and whatever that could be considered music, really.

Our goal is to build an online community that supports people all around the globe with their passion for music; because music really does bring people together. We at Ratnest are working around the clock to start the journey but first we thought it would be great to get people on the Team. So...

- Be at least 18 years of age.
- Able to present a minimum of 2 hours a week.
- Have a good computer and a stable Internet connection.
- Have a working microphone.
- Have some experience with encoders (such as SAM, RadioBOSS, VirtualDJ, Mixxx, etc.)
- Must have a Discord account to interact with listeners and staff.
- Think outside the box ;)

If interested, please reply to this thread and we'll provide you with the application form, further info on questions or comments you might have.

Thanks all!
Ratnest Media Group
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hello, would be interested in doin a broad spectrum dnb show. Or some other genres would be possible too.