looking for station

  1. växla

    Techno and DnB DJ looking for a home.

    I'm looking for a well established radio station for me Techno and Drum & Bass show. I prefer 1-2 hour shows on Saturday evenings. Message me if interested I would be more than happy to tell you more about my experiences.
  2. R

    Underground House/Techno DJ looking for station (House/Techno/Progressive - Deep/Melodic )

    DJing for 25+ yrs, retired but still digging for new tunes weekly. I played for a few stations up until the last one I was affiliated with closed-up shop. Tried the podcast route for a bit but I do miss having a schedule and playing live. Now looking for a new place to start up a show. My...
  3. Matt Skills

    UK Based Online Station - Be on air within an hour

    Hi Everyone, Realcast Radio is a brand new UK based ppl licensed online radio station that puts you in control of our output! simply visit https://realcast.co.uk/register/ and you'll instantly be able to book slots on our schedule and go on air. if you have any problems or have any...