1. S

    Request Form On-Off

    (ADMIN PLEASE REMOVE) couple of questions basically i'm using google forms for a song requester now i want to be able to turn it off and on at certain times of days? how could i have this work? i have a schedule with tabs and i'm wanting to add presenters image on the side of there...
  2. S

    broadcasting software

    hi all i know i have started a few posts so far, but i am going to get rid of my sam broadcaster that i have currently got? so i am looking for a different broadcasting software that has requests and dedications and that i can also use my dj decks with? can anyone help me out on that
  3. MasterzRadio

    Looking for Volunteers who love music!

    Masterz Radio is looking for DJs of all skill levels. We are looking for new DJs to come on board, and learn the ropes of Internet Radio. We also welcome DJs that have been around a while and want to share their knowledge and help DJs that are learning to improve shows. Masterz is a family...