1. K

    A UNIQUE 80s 90s Retro Radio Show - Looking For More Syndication Partners

    Hi all, I am new to this forum. My name is Bradley Simmonds (B-Man) and I have a unique 80s 90s radio show that I produce out of New Zealand. The show is syndicated across 20+ stations in NZ, Australia, UK, the Caribbean and the US. I would love to have the show on more stations! The show...
  2. R

    New Retro Christmas Music

    A song from our EP "It's Christmas" featuring retro sounding Christmas songs by Brian and Nancy. Not sure how this forum works but anyone who hears the song is free to post it or add it to a Christmas internet radio station. Cheers, Brian and Nancy Click the link below Happy Christmas by...
  3. S

    New Station in San Antonio

    Hey everyone, We just started a new 24/7 internet streaming radio show called: www.modsnapradio.com We are available to stream on tunein and apple itunes and we have different djs playing different genres of music like indie, retro, alternative, industrial, goth, reggae, synthwave, trance, and...
  4. Radio RFR Fréquence Rétro

    Radio Rfr Fréquence Rétro la nouvelle génération d'animateurs en directs

    Bonjour, Je vous présente notre station, une radio associative française. Nous diffusons de la variété rétro des années 70 et 80. Nos émissions sont toutes produites en directs avec l'interaction des auditeurs sur le tchat. A très vite