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Hey everyone,
We just started a new 24/7 internet streaming radio show called:

We are available to stream on tunein and apple itunes and we have different djs playing different genres of music like indie, retro, alternative, industrial, goth, reggae, synthwave, trance, and even talk radio.

let me know what you think or give us a listen.

John Lebang

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Dear Program Director, I am currently looking to expand the roster of stations carrying my show. I believe my broadcast would be a nice compliment to the roster of talent you already have. The show is two one hour prerecorded variety broadcast that features Talk, comedy, interviews and intellectual reality that is not catered towards the politically correct and sometimes music (non-commercial). Also, my show features 2-4 radio dramas per year. I can provide up to 2 one hour high quality, well produced episodes each week. I will provide links below to samples of my broadcast.

Please consider adding The John Lebang Show to your roster of quality entertainment.

I look forward to hearing from you

John Lebang

Host & creator of The John Lebang show.


Video sampler #1

The John Lebang Show Episode 208

Program clock is available upon request.