sam broadcaster

  1. Alleine Dragonfyre

    SAM Broadcaster Blaming You for MP3 Relay Interruptions

    Hello, We have had multiple interruptions of our broadcast from SAM Broadcaster to our MP3 relay with you guys. Apparently your service is getting interrupted and SAM broadcaster loses the connection until MANUALLY fixed. Their support is blaming YOU. Can you please look into why this is...
  2. Midlands Metalheads Radio

    Sam Broadcaster Live Stream Issues

    Alright Guys, I hope you can help with my query It's been baffling me for a while now We run a 24/7 Radio Station with pre-recorded shows, now we have decided to start broadcasting live shows But what i want to do is have a second shoutcast stream and use this link on SAM so by either a Pal...
  3. djultra

    sam broadcaster

    hello there I have sam broadcaster, I am having trouble with it. I'm trying to set it up and its saying sambc.exe has stopped working? please can someone help me out. I am using windows10 I prefer to use sam broadcaster as its got a nice request feature. please someone help me this is the error...
  4. Wade Garrett

    Looking for regular slot - Industrial/Darkwave/EBM preferred

    Hi I have been around the block a few times, for sure. I love broadcasting. My experience started with 3 years in hospital radio and then a short spell at BBC Radio Surrey before I migrated to internet broadcasting around 7 years ago. Looking for a station that a.) Has a good technical set-up...
  5. QuantumRadio

    How do I get SAM to connect to the (my) InternetRadio server

    I have SAM broadcast Pro here. Had it for many years, and it works fine. I am looking at InternetRadio streaming - but can't for the life of me figure out how I send my SAM stream to the InternetRadio server. I see lots of information around the subject, but nothing specific, like If you have...
  6. Tyson Brooks

    Mach7 Radio - Looking for Presenters / DJs

    Now accepting applications! Position type: Voluntary Mach7 Radio was started in June, a variety station that plays everything from the 60s to now, talk about sports, news, stupid criminals, celebrity birthdays and gossip. We do a little bit of everything. Our station uses Sam Broadcaster, a...