Sam Broadcaster Live Stream Issues

Alright Guys,
I hope you can help with my query It's been baffling me for a while now

We run a 24/7 Radio Station with pre-recorded shows, now we have decided to start broadcasting live shows
But what i want to do is have a second shoutcast stream and use this link on
SAM so by either a Pal Script / Event Scheduler or even manually the stream link drops in the Queue for the show from a second computer to broadcast.

The Dj will be streaming from their own computer to our radio station, now i know the other way of doing this like many forums have said 'Just give the dj the details from the radio stations shoutcast and they stream direct to the airwaves and bypass the main SAM Broadcaster'

But i'm thinking that this is a much prefered way of doing and was wondering if this is possible?

So far with tests i have dropped the stream link in the queue, it loads up on the deck but as it's about to play it vanishes
also with the remote pal scipt it excutes and loads 20 stream links but all fail and vanish Aso had a 'Error 200' .. I will add that the stream is active while this test are running

Currrently this idea is from another Sam Broadcaster but in time i would also like to know if this is possible from Virual DJ / Other to SAM Broadcaster

In Previous media players we used Winamp where a live stream was possible to drop in the Queue and connnect to another computer to play their show

I hope you can help
Thanks in advance


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Hi Midlands Metalheads Radio,

We are not sure to be honest, it's not something that we have ever tried ourselves. Have you spoke to the Spacial support team to see if this is doable with their software?

We cannot see this being possible with Virtual DJ though!
Thanks for the reply guys,
I know it's possible through winamp or window media player.
I did contact Spacial and they suggested the cloud which makes sense

when streaming from an outside source it will connect to a website or a series of listener links so why can't the link be put on sam and streamed out from the main source.

It is baffling me tbh I'm sure there is a way just really not sure how

Any help would be most appreciated