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    Using Streamed Music on Internet Radio

    Hi, Can anyone tell me if it is possible and legal to use music downloaded from a streaming service to broadcast on an internet radio station? i.e. - I download the track from iTunes as an mp3 (for offline listening). - Upload the mp3 track to the online radio library. - Play the track as...
  2. Open Source

    ॐ Psytrance Treasures ॐ A spotify playlist with more than 1000 followers.

    One of the most essential factors of Spotify is the Playlists. Playlists imply streams & thus profits for the artists. If you use Spotify please be so kind to follow our playlist that already has over 1000 followers! Playlist makers are encouraged to post their own playlist below so we can...
  3. 535music

    How to upload music to iTunes & Spotify.

    Hi guys,my name is ramona and am PR for 535music - a music marketing and distribution company. From Amsterdam,Netherlands. I would like to invite all artists in this forum to take advantage of our new project to get as many unsigned artists on Itunes and Spotify. This is an excellent service...