1. A

    Using Streamed Music on Internet Radio

    Hi, Can anyone tell me if it is possible and legal to use music downloaded from a streaming service to broadcast on an internet radio station? i.e. - I download the track from iTunes as an mp3 (for offline listening). - Upload the mp3 track to the online radio library. - Play the track as...
  2. Daniel Pizarro

    Streaming from another stream

    I'm setting up my radio station (Radio 1 Australia) and I have been given permission to broadcast VOA1 -The Hits from their website as part of my schedule from their livestream. Is there a way to broadcast that livestream?
  3. K

    IceCast Server Broadcast Live WebM

    IceCast Server Broadcast Live WebM Video Vp9 Video & Vorbis 1080p, live Video With A 1000% More Efficient, Is ICEcast 2 typical Server! That means you don't have to run it Wowza, Flash, Java, etc...
  4. R

    It's Me Live Streaming App

    Hey there, We like to share good stuff when it comes along...this is an independent contractor style opportunity. We're working with the US arm of the It's Me livestreaming video app: There are opportunities for broadcasters: And...
  5. DJ Jaffa Cake

    Looking for US or Canadian Partner for New Station

    Hi I am looking to start a new Online station with someone from the USA or Canada, I am based in the UK and that's the main reason I am looking for a Partner. I would pick up half the costs which wouldn't be very much, I would pay my share in advance each month via paypal. The reason I am...