syndicated shows

  1. irvincee

    Looking for the Perfect Beat - Radio show by Irvin Cee

    Searching for station to feature my show. I launched my weekly radio show “Looking for the Perfect Beat” on January 3, 2014. The one-hour weekly show, contains a various mix (beat mixed) of Deep House, House, Nu Disco, Funky, Tech House, Techno, and Hard Techno depending on my vibe of the...
  2. L

    Syndication Available For House EDM Mix Show

    I have a 1 Hour House/EDM Mix Show Available for Syndication. The show is in 30 Minute segments so if you need to air Commercials or Jingles you can Take a listen to the This Weeks Show Contact Me At
  3. JacobEdward

    New Weekly LGBT+ Community Show - Gay Culture

    Looking for a new show for your station? I got you! Gay Culture is an Ofcom friendly 2 Hour Radio Program already taken by several community stations in England, it's presented by upcoming UK presenter and activist Jacob Edward & produced by Kyan Bridges. The show can be broadcast any time of...
  4. G

    looking for new presenters?

    Hey, you clicked on the links so thanks! We are a married couple and our show was voted the best community radio show. Our one-hour weekly radio show which aims to make the listener feel good now goes out on various FM, community and internet radio stations. Now, we record the show as live on...
  5. G

    Need a fun and lively show for your station?

    Voted the best community radio show, Ginger and Nuts now broadcast their one-hour weekly radio show on various FM, community and internet radio stations. And, we want to offer it to other licensed radio stations for free. That’s right, zilch, not a single penny! The fun show is recorded as live...
  6. PariahBurke

    Seeking Stations (Net, LPFM, FM): Pro Weekly Rock/Hair Music Show

    SEEKING NEW AFFILIATE STATIONS: Net, LPFM, FM Professionally produced Free to broadcast (for non-commercial stations) New shows delivered Mondays Access to show archives for reruns and filler Affiliates promoted on social media and on-air On-air promos recorded for your station Hard...
  7. Curt

    Looking for Ambient/Chill Stations for syndicated show

    Currently design and produce a weekly 1 hour program of Ambient/Chill/Mood Music which is has been broadcasted for the last 4 years continuously with no lag time between programs with a solid listener base. This program is rated in the Top Ten consistently on the Mixcloud platform in different...