1. Moshville Shells

    Looking for Metal Radio Presenters not routed in the past

    We at Moshville Radio love to play all the underground and independent metal around. We don't mind the classics but we are all about helping todays artists. We are just over a year old and going strong. Get in touch if you fit the bill.
  2. Scander

    Cosmic Boys - Podcast 100% CB 001 - Free Download

    Today 100 000 thanks of Cosmic Boys Facebook Page. For this amazing day they did a special podcast in free download with 100% CB of their tracks with some exclusivity. Podcast Link :
  3. Rising Soul

    Rising Soul Sessions - Podcast

    The first edition of the Rising Soul Sessions is now available on Soundcloud, Hearthis and Mixcloud for you to download, stream and listen to whenever you want, wherever you want on mobile, tablet and desktop! Our opening show is just the beginning of a series of radio shows aimed at bringing...