1. astevens

    (Male) British Voiceover for Radio Imaging

    Hi, if you're looking for an affordable MVO for your next radio imaging... please check out my imaging voice reel. https://alexstevensvoiceover.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/Alex-Stevens-Imaging-Demo.mp3 Affordable rates - email me at studio@alexstevensvoiceover.com Voice is youthful with an...
  2. Matt Prime

    Looking for dj drops and voice overs

    bluvelvetradio.com is looking for someone to help us with some voice overs, jingles and dj drops if u have experience in doing this please get in contact happy to pay a fee etc or if someone wants there voice on our radio station get in touch
  3. D.I. Aspinwall

    Top 40 Internet Station looking for DJs

    Hi, my name's D.I. and I'm the station manager for 87.9 The Mix! Right now, I'm looking for fun, energetic people willing to either do a live syndicated on-air shift at times that work for you, or provide voice tracks for afternoons and evenings. There are currently 5 different daily time slots...