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Hey ekiller get on over to hive365 and tune in, hit our discord and you will see your music and style is a fit for us.

David Greenwood

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We are in need of any djs and or presenters or even cool shows to join our online internet station!

Right now its auto dj providing the music. and its not good enough we need someone to step in. so please apply!

*Must be 15+
*Must have a working microphone
*Experience is also needed (if you are unexperienced however. im sure you can be trained up. its not a problem)
*You must have a good upload speed
*You must be willing to talk to any of our general listeners
*And Much More...

The Features we Offer...
*An Efficient Chat-Room 100% Mobile supported. Check it here
*A Discord Server
*A 100% Working Webplayer Also Mobile Supported
*Available on Tunein/Streaming Directory's. Just type in iconic fm and it comes up!

*Easy to use Iphone & Android Applications


So what are you waiting for???
*head to our apply page now via and fill out the form! Or make a reply here! If you fill out the form. reply here so you will be reviewed and contacted by one of our team...

Dont worry. its licensed also... guaranteed

Hope to hear you on our station very soon! Please! We are desperate!
Hi there i would be interested in producing a show for your station.
Please see my post in show forum for more info. Alternatively go to for examples of my show for 'Naja Radio' and other mixes produced.
Dave (DJ DaveG)