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Music Show Announcement :

Hi folks this is a very special week for me because Its the 1st anniversary since my radio show called 50 Years and Rolling became available for syndication.
It's great to know that the show is playing on over 40 stations and growing, which I'm so pleased about.
Thanks to https:// InternetRadio.com and https://syndishows.com/ all the stations for carrying the show on especially the stations that took a chance from the start.
I could not have achieved this without the help of some good people.
So a big thank you to the following
Abid Hussain Station Manager and Founder of XL UK Radio who put me in touch with 2 super guys, the owners and founders of Cambrian Radio namely Owen Hopkin and Davy Tee who helped me greatly in setting me up and gave me air time.
It was when on Cambrian that I came in contact with Ian Davies, a really top man who offered me so much help and advise when I was doubting myself before going down the syndication route for this I am eternally grateful.
To my late Mother for her prayers and support which I also receive from my family.
Finally to the listeners that tune in each week to 50 Years and Rolling without them none of this would happen.
So here's hoping for at least another year of shows and thank you all again for supporting 50 Years and Rolling.
Every best wish from Leo.
Show is always available to you so please read on.

50 Years and Rolling is a weekly, 2 hour music show which is available for syndication and is currently broadcast on over 40 Internet stations.
Most genres of music are played
The show has a number of features including a section called “Relax and Chill” where I play a half hour of easy listening, chillout, relaxing tunes.
Another inclusion is the "featured artist" where an artist and 3 of their favourite songs are picked by one the listener's and then played during the course of the show.
New recording artists trying to get a break in the radio world are encouraged to email the show with an mp3 of one of their songs and if I think our listener's will like it I will play it on the show and not forgetting every week a song from either Sting or The Police is played too.
Its a must listen to show if you have any interest in music from the last 5 decades with an Irish soft easy voice doing the links in between the tunes.

A 30 minute Sample of the show is available at:

where you can listen to some or all of it to see what you think.

You can also email me for queries on the show or for you favourite artist to be featured or if you an up and coming recording artist on the shows email address:

Many thanks for reading this and I do hope you will check out the show.
All the best from
Leo Kirby. 50 years and rolling logo.jpg
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