80s Show - Looking for a new home.


Hit us up iconicextra.com we maybe able to juggle with our Wednesday Dj on timeslot u want .send me a email at becomeadj@iconicextra.com .ww have a stable network of 8 djs with our on apps and request panel that flashes a request tsb red when u have one requested and a staff panel easy to use . Wirh access to our very own staff facebook twitter and Instagram for u to also promote your shows on .so please come check us out regards popster iconicextra.com owner
Hi James check us out, see if you think it’s a fit, speak soon. Apply on the website (link in my signature): if you think it’s for you.
G/day first many thanks for thekind offer but will pass.
wishing you and your team all the best of good wishes in the coming year
john a.