80s Soundtracks Radio


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Hi guys.

I wonder if the person who is running this radio station is here?

I love listening to it but I noticed a lot of mistakes and whatsoever in this station.

I'd love to talk to him about those.

Thanks in advance.


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I dont have a connecton with the station..What mistakes do you notice?..I am just asking out of interest


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It's the title of the films they are putting on the titles of some songs. Some indicate titles of films from Japan or Germany that nobody knows, some contains mistakes in the titles (Men At Work's Who Can It Be Now is not heard on Vision Quest !!!).

Some songs indicate the title of some TV specials like The Magic of David Copperfield, or Body By Jake or Piledriver Wrestling, those are not films. For TV shows (dramas and sitcoms) ok, but titles from one time TV specials no thanks.

If I was running this station I would only put films titles with the song titles and US TV shows.


Regardless of your complaints, you are still listening, aren't you? As long as you are enjoying it isn't that what matters?

[no I have nothing to do with that station]


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This morning I heard Survivor's The Moment of Truth two times in a row. I really need to take control of this station and correct stuff.