A few questions




I just have a few more quick questions.

1. I i have a station that opperates for 20 hours a day at 128 to 10 people. How much per day would this be?

2. Am i able to restrict who listens to the station with a code?

3. For how many days could i set up auto DJ in advanve if using it for 20hours a day.

4. The information reguarding PPL is fantastic but i cant find anything on USA which is a market i will be mainly hitting.

<any thanks

Colm Kelly



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1. This depends on wether you want to use our Pay as you go system or
monthly unlimited bandwidth ? See
Internet Radio Prices for more details or let
us know.

2. Unfortunately not no.

3. Auto DJ is setup immediately and automatically upon setting up the
subscription with Paypal. This is done from within the account.

4. We are unsure of the rules in the US and only really have information
on our forum about UK broadcast licensing.

Let us know if you have any further questions.


The only way you could restrict using a code would be to create a private folder on your website which requires a password to access the page which contains your listen live/tune in links. This obviously wouldn't stop people tuning in via the Internet Radio site, or any other directory, but would mean they'd have to have the code to enter via your own site.