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I am completely new to this. So these may be fairly obvious questions.

How much equipment will I need to set up a station? At the moment I only have a laptop. How much might I need to spend to set a station up, apart from the cost of your services?

I partly ask because a lot of my material will be interviews and discussion, and I would like to broadcast from different places.

In that regard I take it I would be able to broadcast from anywhere that has an internet connection?

Also, I take it the number of listeners you offer is the number who can listen in at any one time. So if I set up an account for 100 listeners and 101 people try to tune in, the last one would be blocked until someone missed, until someone else drops out. Is that how it works?

Finally, is it possible to limit the countries in which people are able to listen to my station? I'd imagine having having parodies of songs which still in copyright, and I am aware that this is not allowed in every country.

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Hi Will. A laptop and internet connection is all you will need aside from subscribing to our services. You will also require a microphone if you wish to broadcast talk shows.

Yes you would be able to broadcast from anywhere that has an internet connection, our services are all web based. In regards to the number of listeners yes thats correct, if you subscribe to 100 listeners for example, once this limit is reached, no further listeners can connect.

We are afraid it would not be possible to geolock your stream.

Hope this helps, please let us know if you have any further questions. 8)