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Coppin Coppin

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I would like to introduce our (fairly) new internet radio station, A1 Radio. My name is Adam Coppin. I have a Friday night show, originally named the Coppin Coppin show. It's of a dance/electro style and features my self and The Drink of The Week. Basically I 'taste test' an alcoholic beverage (always drink responsibly) and playing great tracks from past and present.

This evening (Saturday) is the Saturday Night Request Show. The genre on a Saturday is whatever you want to hear. The clue is in the title.

We have a chat room on the site where listeners can interact with the DJ and other listeners. It's all free and you don't need to sign up to anything, just pick a chat room name, and enter.

Please visit the website A1Radio - Online, Anytime where you will find out all about us.