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Hi support, so just to confirm before I come back to you to host my station.
If I convert my mp3 files to acc and then set my bit rate in mount points to 96 I'll get loads more listen time for the same monthly price, can you confirm there is an auto disconnect setting so you can limit how long people can listen in one session??


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The Centovacast control panel does not support uploading files in the AAC format, they must be in Mp3. The AutoDJ feature will then convert this in real-time as an AAC stream. But yes, streaming in AAC at a lower bitrate will allow you to have a good quality stream and would use less bandwidth than streaming in Mp3 at a higher bitrate.

Under the 'Advanced' section of your control panel there is a setting to "Always disconnect listeners after: X minutes" so you can use this setting to limit how long listeners are connected for.


Brilliant, so will I need to change the settings somewhere to make autodj change the file before broadcast
Thanks for your help..