Add your radio to the radio database of Vox, #1 music player for Mac


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Hi there,

My name is Oleh Rozvadovskyy. I represent Vox - the most popular music and radio player for Mac. Currently we have more than 400,000 users and we're going to reach the number 1,000,000 users till the end of summer.

I'd like you to offer adding your online radio station to our radio database for free. The only thing we require for this is to add Vox icon to the list of players where your radio can be listened. Since Vox reproduce .pls, .m3u, .aac streams easily, you don't need to do any major technical updates for this.

Please use the following icons for placing:
In order to add your radio to our database - please write me on and send us the link to your stream.

Looking forward for your comments and letters