Adding website address?


Ok plan upgraded to pay monthly and very happy with your service. Now I notice some stations in your directory have their website address shown, can I add the household radio website address? I tried to a few weeks ago via the cp and the station seemed to disappear from the directory am I doing something wrong?


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Are you using AutoDJ or your own encoder?

If your using your own encoder to stream to your shoutcast/icecast, you should find this in your description tab maybe?


Yes I'm using auto dj and I've found how to add my domain name but after doing this my station seemed to disappear from the directory? Perhaps I checked to quickly and things hadn't updated on the server. Not sure really.


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Pleased to hear that you are happy with the service and plan upgrade.

Your station is currently showing in the directory's:

In order to add your website's url information, you just need to update this under the 'Stream' tabs "website url" settings. You will also need to restart the server afterwards for the changes to fully take effect.