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I am new here, first time with Centova.
1. Is there a way to modify the layout of the stream details widget with CSS?
2. Is there a way to have the album art with higher resolution. I tried CSS and the resolution is very low. All art are in higher resolution 700x700 in my MP3 TD tags.
3. Is there a way to have a countdown of how much time is remaining to the track currently playing.

In fact I would like to reproduce something like this that I have done while broadcasting on another platform:


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Hi Yimago

1. Yes you can change no problem. Just have a go, it works.
2. Not as far as we know no.
3. As far as we know Centova Cast (or shoutcast v1 for that matter) doesn't give this information unfortunately.

You might like to raise the question in the centova forums for a definitive answer though. They will know for sure.

Hope this helps!