Hello does anyone know how to add a radio station on to Alexa skill
If you get yourself listed on TuneIn, you can be added to the Google Home App, Alexa, etc via the app you install on an Android or iPhone device. The command would then be "Listen to "Radio Station Name" on TuneIn." There is a huge fee for new stations to be added but you're grandfathered in if you've been on the Shoutcast network since a certain date, however.
I should add that is a great service too, but DO check to see if you're already on TuneIn. If you're in the SHoutcast Network, you are in TuneIn which means you can be accessed for FREE by doing what I describe above.


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Yeh I can sort it for ya if ya want can get mobile app for iOS also for a price . Up to you if ya wanna speak to me over it though but offer is there


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can you tell me more about this for free please
Sorry for not getting back sooner. On the Alexa Developer docs there was a section about something called "rsk no code process". It was just a case of emailing and asking to be onboarded to the project by email, they sent out some stuff for me to fill in and a few days later the skill was live. I think it's a project they are doing called rsk-radio skills and I just sent an email to rsk-onboarding - the idea is for radio skills to no longer need a user to "enable" a skill first for them to listen to a radio station - you just simply tell Alexa now to "play Harvest Moon Radio" without the need to enable anything.