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Hi there

Is there any reason why Internet Radio don't do all in one packages, where we could get bandwidth and licences together, and maybe even web hosting.
There are US companies that do this like Live Radio etc.

I'm sure this wouldbe really popular, rather than going to different places, and having to pay Internet radio, webhosting, PPL, PRS etc

Just a thought


Rab Brogan


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Thanks for the feedback Rab. We are the way we are as we like to enable people to configure their own radio packages by subscribing (or not) to individual services.

Web hosting is something we don't really want to support because of the potential complexity of it.

Our clients are very much international and the varying rules around the world for licensing would again be very complex to offer in a package.

We hope this helps explain our position. We are thinking of offering Auto DJ / Server subscription combined.

Thanks again for the feedback :)