Altacast standalone app freezes after a few days of continuous streaming (Windows 10 with Lame and libFAAC Encoders)


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Hello everyone,
I am helping with the setup of an internet radio station. For the time being we have a working stream
We are using the Altacast Standalone App with Icecast. The Altacast receives input from S/PDIF over co-axial cables. It encodes the audio into two streams. The primary stream is 128 kbps MP3 stream. The secondary stream is 256 kbps AAC stream. The MP3 and AAC encoders did not come out of the package with Altacast Standalone App. I had to install them separately.
In addition to the above configurations, the Altacast App is also pulling in metadata from a local text-file every 20 seconds. There's a seperate script which automatically updates the text-file every 10 seconds.

The problem is that after a few days of continuous streaming, the altacast app just freezes. Some of my observations are
1) The mic-level of altacast is zero.
2) According to Altacast, the MP3 and AAC encoders are still connected and transmitting to icecast.
3) Icecast has disconnected from Altacast.
4) Icecast logs says "Socket timed out" at the time of the crash.
5) Altacast logs just stop logging at the time of the crash. The logs resume when I restart the app.

Any thoughts on this would be much appreciated as I'm at the end of a rope here.

Thank you,
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